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Ballycommane House is proud to present a fine selection of artwork by Ariane Sabine Stieglitz. There are paintings on display in the house (samples of her work on the right; see also the list).

Born and raised near Frankfurt, Germany, Ariane now works in Basel. She graduated in Biology and Romance studies when she discovered her passion for painting. Ariane began illustrating books with her drawings and also started painting (expression painting and free style) in several renowned art studios in Heidelberg. Apart from colours based on acrylics, chalk, charcoal and oil, structural material such as tissue paper and cardboard plays an important role in her paintings. Another technique applied by Ariane is the monotype print.

Monotypes are inherently unique because only one or two impressions may be pulled from each plate before the ink is used up. While each pulled image may be considered a finished work, Sabine further enhances these monotypes by the application of additional drawing or colour, thus  creating complex and exciting impressions in multiple layers. They are distinctly recognizable as monotypes, but have a remarkable transparent and "layered" quality that is not otherwise achievable.